Flat Roofs in Hull,
Beverley, Cottingham and East Yorkshire

Maintenance is key to the longevity of flat roofs but, without a regular inspection, there’s no real way of knowing how good or bad the current condition of your installation is in. A call to Re-vamp Builders Limited is the proactive way to care for rubber roofs or any flat roofing structure. Our building contractors can provide you with a detailed analysis of the roof, and a full breakdown of any replacement, refurbishment or repair work needed to bring it back to a safe and waterproof condition.

This is a service we provide to homeowners and commercial clients in Hull, Beverley, Cottingham and all parts of East Yorkshire.

We are specialists in EPDM rubber roofs, but it doesn’t matter to us if you have a different type of surface fitted. We can repair or reroof felt, bitumen or fibreglass roofs using modern systems that can last for as many as 50 years.

To support our work on flat roofs, our company offers a full range of supporting building services at competitive rates.

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The Reliable Choice
for Flat Roof Repairs

Our building contractors perform inspections in Hull, Beverley, Cottingham and the surrounding areas to ensure flat roofs still have good structural integrity. Without a solid deck and a watertight surface, leaking water can penetrate and cause damage to the underlying timber. But that’s not all. There is also the appearance of the roof to think about, and the impact that dilapidation can have on your property’s kerb appeal.

While it may be tempting to repair a flat roof as part of a DIY project, we strongly advise that you use a professional contractor to carry out the inspection, and to perform any remedial repair, replacement or reroofing work safely.

Issues we look for during an inspection include:

Should we find any issues with your roof, irrespective of the material originally laid, we will offer our help and advice to ensure a fast, lasting repair. Our building contractors will also advise you on the use of EPDM rubber for flat roofs. This innovative material delivers a seamless, watertight finish at a price that is fair, honest and 100% transparent.

As well as lasting for up to 50 years, rubber flat roofs are recyclable and, because they install cold, do not have the inherent dangers of a hot application roofing system.

Homes, Extensions, Outbuildings and More

Buying a home will be one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your lifetime. It makes sense that property owners in Hull, Beverley, Cottingham and the surrounding areas will want to protect that investment. We strongly advise that you have flat roofs and your roofline inspected annually. In doing so, you will be able to address minor issues at the earliest possible stage, and this could save you money on a complete replacement.

Should replacement be unavoidable, EPDM rubber roofs are a cost-effective choice and, with an additional layer of plywood, OSB board or polyisocyanurate board, they can be laid directly over the old surface. This reduces the time it takes for our building contractors to repair or reroof your home.

We make a good living out of flat roofs because we have the knowledge and experience required to work with one of today’s most state-of-the-art repair systems. Your journey to a dry, protected and watertight home starts with a phone call and a roof inspection from Re-vamp Builders Limited, the building contractors from Hull with services available in nearby Beverley and Cottingham, and in all locations in the East Yorkshire area.

Our contractors specialise in flat roofs. Call us today on 01482 714371 to arrange an inspection anywhere in Hull, Beverley, Cottingham or East Yorkshire.